Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I go crazy...

I must say I am many things but competitive is not really me. I do Enjoy kicking the crap out of my friends on Bejeweled when I can but if I can't no big deal. I do hate when I log into facecrack I notice that I move down a few spots and that makes me want to drink...Water :)

But one area I can get crazy about...that is my Husband weighing less then me. I personally have a very hard time with that. Consumes my thoughts. Sunday I was commenting on how hot he looked....(He has lost over 107 pounds) and how proud I am of him. He then told me his weight...I think I threw up in my mouth, got all hot and sweaty and then gritting my teeth and I just smiled , barely able to utter the darn words of " Great Job Babe!" I should have been more supportive but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. My thoughts where consumed by the fact he is going to weigh less then me! NO! NO! NO!

The next morning he asked me if I weighed myself..no, why would why? He was just seeing how close we where..I then told him I knew how much I weighed. The I lied by 3 pounds!! Come on three pounds is like on my period weight and I can so get by..I lied about the 3 pounds because we are only 4 pounds different and by adding the 3 gave me 7 pound advantage. THIS SUCKS!! This is where I draw the line...

I walked last night and today I am going to walk..starve myself drink lots of water and Try Yoga...Okay, not the yoga part..I am still a fat chick and that would not be a pretty sight!

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So ... what is his secret for weight loss? Wow! That's great!

My husband weighs less than me, too. Sad!

mama of 13

Heather D

OMG. Tiff, we are seriously the same person! My husband is super thin. I have NEVER weighed less than him. EVER. And if I did, I would probably look skeletal. Oh yeah, he eats everything in sight too. That part really sucks.
If you're looking for support on weight loss/exercise/etc, I joined the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. It's been great. Lots of support and ideas...and free. There's a link on my blog.


Oh my goodness, that must suck!!! At least you are still very beautiful. I've always thought you are pretty, and so good at playing up your best features!!


Such honesty! You are a brave girl.


I will walk with you any time my dear.