Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

I bet you faithful blog stalkers gave up on me today...I am here. I wasn't feeling all that good today. Starting to get the crud that has been passed around my house a few times this season.

I did mange to clean out a few kitchen cupboards and the junk drawer...My junk drawer is actually Jeremy's tool box. Seriously, I found a huge tote full of "man" stf. I love that man to death but every time I ask him to do a manly thing he either has to buy a new tape measure ( I think we have counted 32 purchased In the last 10 years of marriage) or find a tool. So today i kept the tote on the counter and showed him that either we drag the Craftsman tool chest in the house ( he liked that idea) or he must try and keep his tools organized preferably just in the garage would be nice.

I am getting ready for a big garage Sale...for 2 reasons..I am tired of stuff and to Support Jeremy's upcoming missions trip. I am so excited for him. I am so not the type to go it will be fun to listen on how it was and how many lives they changed.

I am Thankful for

Do you really want another sappy love note to someone in my life? I can give you one...but because it is so late I am going to give you the first thing that pops into my head...I am thankful for this computer..Oh, what would I do with out you? Okay, don't answer..I bet you can think if million feed my kids, bathe my kids, paint the walls, do crafts, visit, I seem pathetic. This computer has turned into my best friend, I promise once the sun shines I will limit my use. I sound like an addict.

I am Listening to.....

Survivor...and very quiet house. I am the only one up.

What's for dinner?

We had boxes of .75 pasta roni..NICE....and I threw in an apple to make me feel better. Okay, I lied, No apple, I was trying to cover up my ability to feed my children healthy.

I am looking forward to....

Getting my hair done. Seriously, It has been 13 weeks, YUK..But I am saving my coffee money and keeping the House very cold to save money.
I thought about buying the color out of box but quickly changed my mind...not a good idea. Coffee from home sounds better plus when your thermostat is stuck on 67 degrees you need hot coffee.

I am also looking forward to kicking Jenn's cutie patootie on Bejeweled!!

I am Missing....

Every flowing money in the bank..I don't think I have ever really had ever flowing money in the bank..last week I did..but then BLEW it on a MISSING Boy Scout Shirt.

4 ...Stalker Comments:

Heather D

I agree, save on coffee and have someone color your hair. I won't do mine out of a box, no matter what color I pick, I always end up with reddish hair. Weird.
Enjoy your quiet time!


When yo see my hair you'll be thankful you saved to get yours done. Thought I was being thrifty but realized when it comes to the hair you need to splurge. My hat is my best friend now until I can afford to get mine done properly.
Miss you and have a good day!


Sounds familiar ...

I am stretching out the weeks between hair appts. I WON'T try the box stuff ... gotta have my foils. Thankfully, my hubby doesn't mind the splurge on hair and nails. Tried to stretch out the time between nail appts., but ... they all started falling off. :)

We are making our espressos/mochas at home. (Woods Coffee must be missing us.)

We have the thermostat set at 63. (And, I am a 70-72 gal.) It's been a cooooold winter. I can hardly wait for warm weather to arrive. (Oh ... I like Thursdays because I get to turn the heat up to 70 while I babysit 2 little babies for 3.5 hours.)

And ... my computer is my best friend, also. Sad, but true. When I can splurge on a drink at Woods, I take my computer on coffee dates with me, and chat with my blogging friends (since I don't have any "real-life" friends to go out for coffee with).

Hope your day is BLESSED!



Oh yeah, dont do it out of a box. Been there done that, more than once I am afraid to say, and regretted it every single time.