Sunday, April 26, 2009

I never...

get the TV..kinda like my kids never get any attention because I am to busy trying to fulfill my addiction's

I am serious. If I want to watch a show it must be between the hours of 10pm and 6am. How suck is that? I normally don't care but right now all I want to do is crawl on my couch and veg chips all over you..drool from your mouth..permanent butt imprints on the cushions...and all I can hear from the living room is VROOM.. VROOM.. VROOM.. blah.. Blah... Nascar.. Blah.. Nascar..

Have I ever really mentioned that I hate nascar season? Not the sport is a fun spectator sport and I have been to a few races but is like 5 hours...and he does not fast forward during the non eventful round and round parts.


I am so glad he does not read my blog anymore. he used to till I posted like 4 post in one day and he thought that was way to much reading. Must have been because nascar was on. I don't want to make him feel bad. He doesn't watch much TV either. But I am kinda seething over here in my corner of the house.

We do have a TV in our room...but that would require me to move our ONE year old out of our room. So I would rather seethe over the next 21 years...that's how long I am sure Mr. Carter will be with us.

Did you know that Nascar is the longest sporting season? It ends in November and resumes in February? To many races if you ask me!! If you even try to talk to him during the last 30 laps you are in time a very Important person called him on the last 2 laps of the last race (before we had DVR) and he wasn't very nice. I still tease him about that!! I am thankful though this is the ONLY sport he is into...

So onto more blogging as I sit here..wishing I could watch my shows.

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The Kingsborough Queen

i was just commenting to kim this week i have never watched so little tv in my whole life. we don't have a dvr yet because you have to buy them for $500 and they don't rent them. so i totally hear your pain. during the day it belongs to demi, in the afternoon the older girls, and in the evening i get to watch one of the tv's if i am lucky! back to bejeweled i guess!!


I'm totally feeling the whole veg on the couch thing too. It's been somewhat sunny out, isn't that supposed to make us cheerier and motivated? Oh well, maybe tomorrow-right?