Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Your NOT his Mommy anymore?

Today we saw Mikey for the first time since he moved out on Friday. Interestingly enough Matthew called Mikey last night to make plans for today. When Matthew got home from school the phone was ringing for Matthew and it was Mikey. I had to bring Matthew out to a field to go ride motorcycles with Mikey and his friends. Matthew was telling me yesterday that it was weird not having him here.
Chin up , shoulders back I tried to change the subject but realized this wasn't a 4 year old I was talking to. I told Matthew that is was okay to feel that way. I mean just look at Mikey's room he still has 99% of his stuff here and has called me already to take him to the doctor.

He will always have a place in our hearts.

Carter saw Mikey in the door and freaked out. Olivia called Mikey's name and Mikey being sixteen waved from the door. Not good enough. Olivia SCREAMED for Mikey. Mikey put his shoes on and came over to say hi. If they could undo car seat straps they would have flown into his arms.

As we where leaving Carter was crying for Mikey and Olivia started crying asking if Mikey will remember her. I told of course he will. He is your uncle and will be forever.

She looked at me and Said " Your Not his mommy anymore?"

I told her I was never his mommy. He has a mommy. She asked me if his mommy loved him as much as I did. Of course she does. Mommy's love their kids very much and wants what best for them.

" well then if you want whats best for him you should make him stay with us till he has grand kids"

Oh, Miss's just not that easy.

* Mikey's parents moved into Lynden so Mikey could finish school here.

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The Kingsborough Queen

this broke my heart. you did a wonderful thing. i think the impact you made will last a very long time on mikey's heart and mind. you are a good sister. hopefully you look back on this time with many, many fond memories. like with parenting our own kids, they won't get the sacrifices until they have kids of their own...i think one day mikey will come to you specifically to thank you for having shared this time in your life and for taking such good care of him. sorry the kids are sad. =(


What an amazing Mama you are Tiffiny! What love and generosity you have shown to Mikey. Your huge heart and constant caring (even when it was hard) will be a part of who he is forever! He will be a good man because of all you and your family have shared with and taught him!