Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey buddy check your brakes

I was rear ended on Tuesday. I am fine ( Nice bump on my head) and my Mr. Carter is fine. Unfortunately I do not get a new "mini" out of the deal. Darn it! If I get into an accident why can't it be that we remain unhurt and yet the mini is considered totaled??

I have never been rear ended...but it really is scary. You are NOT expecting it at all...You don't even see it coming. I cried ( of course) and I wasn't mad at the other driver...he said he just bought the truck 3 days ago...he told me it looked like he needed new brakes ( he tried to stop) he just had new tires put on. When the cops arrived and he explained what happen the cop looked at him and said" you need new brakes"


I am blessed it wasn't anymore serious

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