Saturday, October 24, 2009

Green with Envy

So why is it that you can go to someones house and be completely mental with the case of ENVY?

Went to a friends house yesterday for Bunko. She is living in a shop house. A shop that you live in while you build. Small but VERY inviting. We pulled up and just her few Fall decorations outside made me want to go in and see the rest of her home.


She had everything so perfect. Every wall was covered to pure perfection.

Oh, her boys room was stunning. Looked like I had walked in to the Pottery barn store.

I felt at home. It was very eye opening to me. No matter what you call home 800 square feet to 3000 square can enjoy living there with just a few inexpensive items.

I was ENVY of her ability to decorate. I was tried really hard not to break the commandment of not wanting what your neighbor has but it was HARD!!

I am inspired. I am saving my money handing it to her and she will be doing Miss America's room and then MY room. I need her. I woke up wanting her to come over today....

I would have looked like a crazie calling her at 8am asking her to come over.

Lindy, You are amazing!!!

and yes, I am still fighting the little green envy bug....

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