Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yeah, we claim food

Imagine my surprise when I opened the pantry and found this.....

Really? We claim food? I am known to ration out food. You know things like Fruit by the Foot, Pre-packaged snacks and goodies. I have a stash under my bathroom sink. This not due the fact I want to eat it by myself but due to the fact they can finish off a box of snacks in 2 hours.
Matthew wanted the good soup and dad said " it is mine" Matthew then ran over grabbed a sharpie...that was the last I heard and when I woke up here is what I found.
Only in my house.

3 ...Stalker Comments:


I hide the good snacks too. But not from my kids, I hide them from Joe, he is just like a little kid and will eat a whole bag of chips in a day!


We have that in our house, too. Yep .. usually the dad's and the sons. Or, Jim will buy me a bundle of bananas (which the kids could consume in less than one minute) and he will write "Mom's Bananas" on the skins. Too cute!


3 little and 2 big liks

i hide food too and admittedly, i hide the good stuff so i don't need to share. yup, i'm selfish like that. i'm the only girl in the house...i do what i need to to survive. i'm just saying....