Monday, October 12, 2009

hand sanitizer.

Olivia LOVES hand sanitizer. Wants me to put it on her all the time and often finding bottles in my purse and the next thing you know my house or van smells like I just came out the local tavern. One day she will have emptied the whole container and I will be pulled over, asked to do a sobriety test and fail, only because I am clumsy like that.

Anyways, Britney spears has a song out called Womanizer.

Okay, for all you bashers out there she has teenage boys who live in this house. I do not buy her Brittney Spears Cd's. Chill.

So instead of saying womanizer she sings " hand sanitizer" and proudly tells people that her mom has no idea about the hand sanitizer song.

Like duh mom. You are so uncool.

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