Saturday, October 17, 2009

just close my eyes

I could not close my eyes last night. I tried. I was tired. I couldn't sleep. So many things on my mind. I seriously could have done without a night like last night.

* How do I design a new blog page. How would one go about it ( without calling their girlfriend who is super de duper feakin awesome!) without spending money on it? Do they teach classes for this? I am know you can go to the Facecrack Facebook class at the community college.

* How do I decorate Olivia's new room? This one had visions of Pottery Barn all over it. Visions of cuteness and credit cards so that put a kabash on that, as we are striving to NEVEREVER have debt.

* How will Matthew be today? He was sad about Mikey. He felt alone. I felt sad.

* Why must my husband snore tonight? He doesn't every night but tonight? I am in deep thought here..processing my life and you are snoring? How dare you sleep through my night of complete life planning???

* Did I lock the doors? I ask myself that like 10 times. Finally I get up and yep, it is locked and I call myself a paranoid freak.

* Close my eyes....and I wonder what my children will be when they grow up?

* Open my eyes to see my Miss America over me asking for a cup and her blanket. I give her a cup and blanket. She lays back down I stumble back to bed, look at the clock and its 8:15am.

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The Kingsborough Queen

%90 of my nights end just like this...i have to tell myself NOT to think...just to sleep. life of a mommy, you'd think with all that happens in a given day we'd just collapse and leave thinking for the next day! =)