Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Facts...

So I am not doing Thursday with Tiffiny anymore. I know your pulling out your tissues right now and asking yourselves "how can this be?" I decided to change it to Friday Facts...I want you to join us!

Allison turned Thursday's with Tiffiny into Friday Facts.....I love this idea and hope that it will get you to join with us and put your week into review.

Thankful For:

Vitamins. Really. I found Vitamin d3 in liquid yesterday and it taste great!! My medicine cupboard is filled with all sorts of painkillers vitamins to ward off the piggy flu.

Listening To:

The hum of the dishwasher, Handy Manny and Olivia begging me to wear her Christmas dress. I should NEVER EVER let her be with me when I purchase something so spectacular as a Christmas gown. Lesson learned.

What's For Dinner:

I am not cooking..I have a jewelry party scheduled here for a lady who is raising money for an adoption of a baby. Maybe I will make circle sandwiches and they can eat them when they are with their dad.

Looking Forward To:

My Birthday. I love my birthday.

I am needing or wanting:

I am NEEDING a pedicure. You know it is in need when your heals get caught on your sheets while sleeping. Now it is between taking the time to do it myself or going in.


a BRAND new pair of shoes I bought for Carter..he wore them once for family pictures and now I can't find them.

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