Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stay Focused.

October depletes my bank account due to the all the birthdays. I mean MY birthday is in October but due to the fact my husband has not figured out my love language, it is not my birthday that breaks the bank. I wish. I really, really , really wish.

So with all the grumbling about breaking the bank I have been preparing for Christmas. Miss America's gift is hiding under my bed. Purchased in September. NICE! Her stocking is complete. Now to work on other things.

I am getting ready to order my cards from HERE. Don't see anything you like?? Just give her ideas from other cards and then BAM you got your OWN card. Not one that anyone else has..I get my uploaded to Costco. If you upload a 100 you get 5cents off each card. It is a pretty amazing deal. Cheaper then most places. Yes, I order over 100..people like me...I hope they do. I AM sending them a card.

I have been visiting this site printing off my planners and lists knowing FULL well I will LOSE them.

I want to order a few of these snazzy items from Slo Day Designs for Miss America. I need something to go with her Christmas dress.

I have been looking on-line for the perfect gifts. So far I have found some really neat things for people in my life. I can't share cuz they read my blog.

I am excited to put up my new tree I got at 80% off last year. I think It is to big for the house. Leave it to me. I will have to take off the top and make it work.

I took up making pumpkin loafs. SO easy. I add chocolate chips ( go figure) to the mix. YUMMO!

What else? Matthew's room is just about done. The kid has more electronics then Best Buy. I think I rolled and organized 150 cords, chargers and remote control car thingies.

Next on to Olivia's...Looking for Wall Decals for her room but ended up ordering one for the downstairs bathroom. How does that happen to me? It must be ADHD. Ya think If I diagnose myself they would give me the drugs to stay focused?!?

So Have you started your Christmas yet? What Ideas do you have?
{ Picture has NOTHING to do with the post..other then I thought it was funny. }

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Christmas? Oh my! I just got back from a month long road trip, that started when summer was just barely over. It's pretty crazy being gone for a month, and jumping from one season to the next.

Looks like we'll be moving out to the island next week ... to live in a very tiny borrowed house. I don't think there will be room for a Christmas tree. Very sad! And, can't really decorate because it's a borrowed house. So, it's not going to feel quite like the holidays.

Good job on getting so much done early. Wow! Maybe you'll motivate me.

mama of 13