Saturday, October 24, 2009

nothing better to do...

So today I was to go watch my niece play her last soccer game. It about 1 hour away. I was looking forward to it. I have only been down there once. They come here about 5 times a month.

My kids have snotty noses. No big cough or fevers but every time I think they are okay they end up getting run down and seem to go backwards on the road to recovery. I pay for preschool in advance and you have to pay even if they go or not and she has missed 3 days so I need her to get better.

So I opted out of going. I WANTED to go....I was excited to actually have an outing planned.

So here I am nothing to really do okay, I could do clean the downstairs. It is a complete mess. Instead I am eating left over Chinese food.

This week am I take our little All star to the doctor, on my birthday no less. Hoping my husband can meet us there. It looks promising but I don't get my hopes up, sometimes things at work are out of his control.

I have a doctors appointment this week. I am 99.9% sure he will just tell me when my surgery date will be.

Friday a group of girls are going to dinner and it is my Mother in laws birthday so I think on Sunday we might all get together to celebrate. Saturday is my step-dad's birthday and my other brother in law shares the same birthday as me. Very busy October.

All the ramblin's of my week...What is your week looking like?

* Jada Drew...I love you and hope you had a wonderful game!!!

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