Monday, October 12, 2009

Not me Monday's....

I am writing this only because I have time this morning.

Lately I find myself randomly searching facecrack for no reason and yet have 3 or 4 blog post to accomplish. I don't get a 15 minute train of thought going. If I do my kids are beating each other, finding sharp objects, getting into my make-up, doing the dishes by themselves, finding sticks as weapons, undoing 3 loads of clean FOLDED laundry and calling China on my phone.

In the Course of the last week I have not or did not do the Following....

I did not give my 1 year old a package of M&M's to eat while I typed up some documents for the bank.

I did not put chocolate milk into a bottle. I am firm believer in the bottle should be pulled at 1 year , used for milk only and some how my son does NOT still have the bottle due the fact I am NOT scared if I pull it he will lose weight and be hospitalized and it not just because he is my last baby. No, I wouldn't baby my baby.

I did NOT put my son in brown girly shoes because I am NOT cheap like that and I am NOT sentimental like that thinking they could easily pass for boy shoes.

I did NOT find a milk cup after a few weeks in the truck and I did not try to salvage it by cleaning it really good and I did NOT keep in the dishwasher for 4 cycles making sure we could re-use it.

I did NOT make my 13 year old stand in a corner next to my 4 year old and I did not laugh when they both blamed each other for being stuck to the wall.

I did NOT lose my to-list and found myself in tears over how unorganized I really am.

I did NOT lose my cool when DH bought a Blackberry so he could check his email. Why would I lose my cool? Well, when my contract is up and I get a free phone I go with the FREE phone. Like he checks his email..I will leave it at that.

I did NOT price carpet last week for the living room. I did not contemplate suprising DH with new carpet when he came home. Crapola..who puts white carpet in a 4 bedrrom house (meaning kids might live there)

I did NOT use my crockpot 4 days last week. I am NOT addicted to that darn thing.

I did NOT bake cookies last week and pumpkin bread....I did NOT boast my baking skills to all who entered my home.

I did NOT make my husband play bad cop while I played good cop to a certain 16 year old boy.

What did you NOT do???

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