Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'd take sleep over food

Sleep or food?

I prefer sleep. I really could go days without eating. Not that my butt size would confirm that but really I like sleep. Not getting any around here. Bed hoping and little toes in my nose.

As I type this my little man is crying himself to sleep. When you refuse to take a nap the day before and fall asleep at 4:45 am YOU will cry yourself to complete exhaustion. I know I am so mean. Maybe I should buy stock in the Benadryl corporation.

Here you go baby..nighty-nite.

Every night for 2 weeks he wake up just not feeling good. He throws up every night and that means shower and changing the bedding. I keep the change of bedding right next to his bed.

We have the shower routine and bed changing down like Jeff Gordon's pit crew. maybe I should set a timer and see if we can increase our speed.

Tomorrow my first born will turn 13...can I get a tissue please???

Lack of NO sleep can make me emotional. I need sleep tonight so I won't start sobbing as Matthew blows out his candles.

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Heather D

The less sleep I get the more I eat. Vicious cycle. Hope you get some sleep!
Happy birthday Matthew!