Friday, October 30, 2009

Only happens to me.

Things only happen to me. I swear it.

Drive 1.5 to Children's Hospital for AllStar's appointment. Doctor is running 2 hours.

I leave here with plenty of time. Awake at 5:30 after going to bed a t 12am due to the fact I swear Tylenol made Miss America HYPER...Out the door only to be greeted by a stupid Washington downpour on the freeway. My Lampout light starts blinking, going haywire, Beeping LOUD every 3 seconds ( I counted) I call Dh only to find out this happen to him last week. He said it stopped for him. Ummm...No it didn't dear, still happening.

I pull into a gas station an ask the safest looking women there if I have brake lights. Yep, I do...
I continue on , Making my way to the Hospital. I saw the doctor for 10 minutes. After a 2 hour wait he should have bought me lunch.
Orders where givin for Allstar to do a test at the Seattle location. He has lost 3.5 pounds in 6 weeks. Concern is growing so this test we need to complete next week. DH better fix the radio in my van or the Lampout issue or I am taking a Limo.

I leave there tired and mentally exhausted. after all it is MY birthday.

I get lost. way lost. Call DHonce again Crying. I was in a panic. I hate traveling alone. I hate driving in places I have no idea where the heck I am . After cussing him up & down he informs me that the GPS thingy is in the truck. WTH? Seriously? You couldn't have mentioned that before? I find my own way. Call him again tell him I am sorry for acting like a crazy wife. I wasn't all that sorry but I did feel bad.

I go shopping. Find an AWESOME sale. Leave that store on the way
to the next but skipped it. Went to the truck. POURING down rain. Loaded up the stroller into the truck ( it was my passenger) loaded Allstar who was drenching. Started home. Reached over and ate a fry out of the cup ( they came in a cup) only to realize they are now soggy wet fires. Felt sorry for myself.
looked back he was asleep. Thought about pulling into a truck stop to take a nap. Changed my mind when I started to remember books I read of murder's taken place a truck stops.

Go home. I see presents. Oh, what a way to end a day. it got better....DH scored points today. 2 cards, pajama's , perfume and flowers. Oh, how he Loves me ( even when I go nutso on him)
First time bout 2 years I got a card or flowers...

Ordered dinner in and crawled into bed. Thinking I do have a pretty amazing life.

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