Monday, October 5, 2009

New car smell

Nope, I have not purchased a new car. I wish...we dream and talk about it everyday. I have 2 kinda vehicles I want and they are not this point I don't need a new vehicle I just really want one. I don't want a 2nd vehicle payment and I defiantly don't need one. I have been cruising the truck lately.

I don't feel all that super hot in it....due to the major fact it has in BIG letter " Jeremy's Watch & Clock Repair "on the window and if that wasn't bad enough he added a HUGE watch and on top of that made sure to put it on the canopy.

No , Seriously he was to fix my broken radio for about 6 months and when he got around to it he broke it bad. So no radio in the mini and I hate climbing into it..I Huck my kids into like sacks potato's.

Okay, so smells.....It is only this time of year that I get so full of memories that my 'cup" runneth over.

The Fall air reminds me of when we brought Matthew home from the hospital. The leaves changing ,the crisp wind and I learned to swaddle a newborn.

Fast forward 9 years....Miss America was in the NICU for 10 days and I remember leaving the hospital for the first time during the stay. It was about 6 days into it and my boys needed food and I had to sign slips for school and pay bills. As I left the hospital I cried thinking of how I just left my baby and was heading home with out her. To a nursery not yet completed, gift bags inside her crib filled with treasures that should have been put away had she not made her appearance 6 weeks early.

I pulled onto the Guide and felt this calmness...I opened the window, took a deep breathe and the smell oh, the smell melted my heart. It was comforting in some strange way. It was like this season of my life would come and it would go and as with each season one thing remained the same I was a mom. I was about 2 miles from home.....I pulled over into a parking lot where I for the first time ever pulled over to pray. I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't stop thanking him and at that time I knew I was going to bring my little girl home to her brother and her dad, in this
season. A season that I LOVE and a season that is so fitting to have Thanksgiving in it.

Today, the Fall smell fills my house..and my house runneth over with Thankfulness.

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I love you Tiffiny. You're one of the strongest women I know. You amaze me all the time. I want to be more like you. I know being friends with you, so much of who you are has rubbed off on me. I'm very blessed to know you and your family.