Sunday, October 4, 2009

Abbey's Service Project..

Abbey was 2 years and 10 months old when she went to go be with Jesus...

Abbey Mae's Service Project was to and is to keep her loving spirit alive. It is to reach out and help children and families when they are faced with uncertain and difficult times. It is to show one another that we are willing and able to love one another.

We are teaming up to create an Abbey fund to help children and families.

Right now we have a local family that needs our prayers and support. They will need to take time off of works, gas to drive back and forth to receive the best care, they will need more then I could ever imagine...

Here is a Letter from Abbey's mom................

Dear Friends and Family,

For the last 5 years on or around Abbey’s Birthday we have tried to do a service project in her memory. With these projects we have tried to keep her loving spirit alive. Each project has been directed toward children or their families. You have helped to bring formula to hurricane Katrina victims, presents to a battered women’s shelter and fill up new nursery with toys. This year a young family going through a scary time is on hearts.

The Brink Family has just heard the words that no parent ever wants to hear, ‘Your son has cancer.’ It is now a time of tests and a lot of uncertainty. With all of that and two other children to care for we want to help and take something off of their plate, actually we would like to put something on their plate….food

We want to fill their freezer with a variety of meals so that they can spend their time on more important things…each other!! We know that they will be getting meals brought to them, but these would be to supplement those. They would also be great for the friends and family that come to help and care for the other kids.We have created a menu of tried and true freezer meals.

How can you help?

Here are several ways.

1. Request a grocery list for one of the meals and drop off (by October 7th) the food for it to be put together

2. Join us on Thursday Oct 8th to make and package the meal

3. Donate money (by October 7th) for supplies (gladware, foil tins, freezer bags etc.) Any money left after supplies will be donated to the Brinks for their travel expenses to Seattle

4. Prayer

Abbey was only on this earth for 2 years and 10 months but she has touched the lives of so many. She used to say this prayer before she went to bed at night, “I love everyone, and God loves me.”

Thanks for helping!

Abbey Mae's Mom


I know that Abbey Mae's fund will help all in need...I ask you to believe the same thing and if you can give I ensure you that your money will go towards keeping Abbey's Memory alive through helping others...if you would like to send a check please email me at

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Tiffany~ I happened to find your blog through a friend, and noticed you wrote about the Brinks. I was just curious to know if this was Heather and Brandon Brink. Either way they are in my prayers as the Brink family. I grew up with Heather, thus my curiousity. My prayers also go out to you and your family and your handsome little Carter. I pray for answers and wisdom for the doctors. Thank you for keeping it real.