Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Thursday's with me!! Whoo-Hoo!! You guys are so stinkin lucky to have a good read every Thursday..well maybe not every Thursday considering I am not busy or anything.

So what is happening this week or what has happened the last week? Nothing to really write about. The snow is fun and I mean that. You know when it gets hot we will complain we don't have air-conditioner...but at least when it is cold we have heat...well, that's until they jack the prices and I can't afford a 400.00 bill. Our bill was OUTRAGEOUS last month!! I heard from others that theirs was really high also. I am Thankful we can provide right now but what about others?

So I hope this last week finds you all well and that the upcoming week you don't encounter any major hurdles.

I am Thankful For.....

My son Matthew...what an incredible kid..I am not just saying that because he is my kid but because his heart is so pure and gracious. He wakes up everyday in a great mood and he is always looking for ways to help anyone. He woke up early and was out shoveling for us and the neighbors. He has such a servants heart and inspires me daily to give just a bit more to others. He is trying to navigates through middle school which is becoming harder and harder each passing day. last night he was laying in bed with tears coming down wondering why he is picked on. How can you really give him an explanation? How can you be Christ like when all you want to do is call up these kids and give them an ear full? I can only build him up and give him the confidence he needs to navigate through this. Last night I was trying to figure out how to build him up and let him know that this is his safe place. I have decided that everyday 5 positives will flow freely from my mouth and hugs will be abundant.

I am Listening to.....

Olivia try to make Carter laugh because she just made him she is yelling to me that Carter is Happy because she made him happy..She is so rough with him..give it a few months and I sure UFC will be asking to videotape a here...Well, I just got back from being referee..Carter pulled her hair and Olivia decided to carry him out of the room..slamming the door to keep him out...well, his finger was still in...we have to have the door talk again...

What's for dinner?

I have no Idea...last night we had breakfast burritos..Tuesday Tacos..Monday BBQ chicken...tonight..?????

I am looking forward to....

Julies Birthday party!! what a fun night out with the girls celebrating such a wonderful women!! Olivia will be at Gramie's ( I am doing the HAPPY dance!) That's about as exciting as my life is getting...

I am Missing.... Simple days...the one kid days...I know it goes by fast and before I know it they will all be leaving me and then I can blog about how sad I am..but for now I am kind craving simple days..Oh and that Boy scout shirt!!

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The Kingsborough Queen

you are gorgeous! when did you get that pic? he is a good boy. a goodness and a heart for others that has been their since he was very very little! have so much fun celebrating julie girl! wish i was there. i had so much fun catching blogged so much this week! of my favorite things to do...catch up with you!


Some times I crave simple days ... like when I "only" had 10 children. This 13 children thing is a bit too tough some days.

Yea for Matthew! I have a teen son with a gigantic servants heart, also. While they may not be popular in middle school ... their wives will most certainly appreciate their tender, good-hearted qualities.

:) :) :)