Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am thankful...

That my "mini" Van has tinted windows..I have owned the same van for almost 10 YEARS!! It is not my ideal car but it is paid for and is still very very dependable and it serves it purpose to get from one place to the next..I don't need anything fancy to drive to the grocery store , bank and school..I would LOVE LOVE LOVE something fancy but times are tough and we really do Love our " mini" van...I know most of you are laughing that we call it a "mini' van because technically it is called a GMC Safari is not a van..looks like one..seats 8 like one but it is NOT a van..I PAY more then Jeremy's Dodge truck in registration fee's every year..I have more tonnage..WHATEVER!! It is a van..looks like I could service something when I drive it...throw a ladder on the top and bam! instant repair chick!

Okay...back to the tinted window thing...I am so happy that you can't see my children hitting each other..throwing fries, picking their nose or just being kids...

4 ...Stalker Comments:


I can't wait to see "instant repair chick", I think she will be HOT!


I remember you and your mini van driving through Bosman's (back when I worked there) to order a mint used to scare me!


I remember you coming through the Bosman's drive thru in your mini van back when I worked there...a mint scared me!


YOU ARE AWESOME!! Thank you so much for the formula!! You will have to come back sometime when I am there and I can walk you through my new Studio!! Thanks again!!