Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Carter John...

My dear sweet Carter John,

One year ago today I was holding my tummy and wanting to meet your little face. I wished the pregnancy of carrying you was a little easier then it was. I was on bedrest for 18 weeks. I had a fear that I would never get to meet you and here we are 1 year later and you my son are my baby!!

You are laid back and love to snuggle with anyone. You could sit hours upon hours on a lap. You have learned to drink from a cup...stand in the bath tub ( naughty boy)...crawl super fast when we ask you what is in your mouth...put your finger in your mouth just to see me come running to give you the Heimlich.

You love to talk and can say momma, dadda, Matthew,Mikey,Dam (Sam our dog) and have yelling matches with your sister. You wear your pajamas most of the day and love music!! I can put you in a room and you will rock out to the Backyardigians CD

When dad comes home if he even thinks of taking off his shoes or hugging your sister before you you will throw a huge fit..throwing your self down on the floor and screaming.
You love it when the older boys rescue you from the church nursery...You will get so excited..the workers tell me that you are so happy.
yes, Carter John...You are such a delight to have in our house. Even if you still wake up 3 times a night and always need me to hold you. Your blue eyes, chubby little hands and long eye lashes make me fall in love with you everyday all over again. You will be my baby and even if the girls tease you for being a Mommy's boy..it will be okay because Mommy's boys are the marrying kind!
I could write about you all day...but I want you to know how much you complete my life...We were so excited you were a boy...having your name picked out for 7 years and finally getting our Carter John..the Lord knew the desire of our heart.....
Your dad and I can't get enough of you...you cry we hold..you gag..we come running..you laugh we laugh..you cry we feel...We love you to the moon , Son..

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Happy Birthday Carter John!

Love Joe, Katie, Jared and Lance

The Kingsborough Queen

you made me cry so hard!! it just goes so fast...i'm so glad you blog. he will know just how crazy about him you are. he is such a precious gift!

Sara Joy

Oh my gosh, I cant stop crying. Just seeing the baby picture...and then him now.... and then reading the letter. Oh my stars, youre killin' me!


I'm almost in tears...you have an incredible gift of articulating your thoughts...I love reading whatever you write.