Saturday, February 21, 2009

This will be as close as we get to Disneyland

We would love to take our family to Disneyland but a vacation for all 6 would leave us about 5000.00 in the what is better then hot, sunny, fun California? Nothing ! However I think the Playhouse Disney Live was worth it and so much fun I can't wait for the next "kid event"...maybe Dora?Thomas the train? Elmo? Oh, the list could go on and on..

We had so much fun with our BFF's....we stopped for lunch and the outlet mall on the way home and then went back to Jenn's for Dinner. She made us an awesome frozen pizza that Olivia loved and asked for pizza everyday after that for 2 weeks.

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The Kingsborough Queen

beautiful pics of mom and sweet girl! so glad you girls had a fun day with your bff's!