Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

This post actually made it on a Thursday!! We are doing great...I really didn't think it could be Thursday already...where did the week go? house is still a mess from last weekend.

So Lets get going on this really cool Thursday should try doesn't have to say Thursday's with Tiffiny..but that would be nice.

I am thankful for....I love this topic...It always reminds me of everything i have to be thankful for. Last week it was my Mom in law . I think every week between the people I love and my appliances I could never leave this topic empty. So what really moved my heart this week...well a few things...

My Friend Jenn never ceases to amaze me..she is always calm and no matter the situation the is always thinking ahead. She is so GIVING...She is just like a sister to me..She is always right there.

My Sister in law Brandy...ventured up here this week and took Liv for 2 sleeps!! I will blog on that later. But seriously, to just come take her for 2 days...this overwhelmed mom was mixed with emotions but very eager to take her up on it. Olivia will have so much fun with her cousin. Brandy is such a crafty, hands on mom and Jada's dad owns a pizza store so between them 2 things who wouldn't want to go? Olivia is convinced Jada has pizza every night....So thanks guys! I hope she is behaving....

I'm listening to...Micheal Jackson beat it is on the Sirius radio...HA! That is so funny..I am laughing to myself. I paused to actually listen so I can tell all of you and randomly this song is blaring from the living room. " it doesn't matter who is wrong or right..just beat it!"

What's for dinner tonight....Not sure..bacon and eggs last night..maybe meatball sandwiches.

What I'm looking forward to...It would have to be our fundraiser at the store...I can't wait to see what the Lord brings for this family. I love watching people give and I love giving. So I think this would have to be the highlight of my whole week! Stop in and see us!! To read about what we are here and read all about it!

Valentines day....I love having more kids for this holiday. I tucked "love notes' into the older boys bags...Hee-hee..Hey when your 12 and 15 you MUST love to get them...or be really embarrassed and be made fun of all day. oh, I hope that doesn't happen. It would suck knowing that your boy just got made fun of or punched because of a note...oh, now I am all nervous. Would it be bad to go try and steal them out of the bags?

Missing....A boy scout shirt...a size men's small..brown...has a troop number on it. If you see it could return it to the owner. Thanks!

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This is a great idea, I might have to steal it! :) I have to say, Tursdays with Tiffiny is a great name, I just have to remember to try it on a thursday. Which means I will have to remember it is thursday, so it might be a while, but I do like the idea!

Great blog, by the way!