Monday, February 9, 2009

The Brooks Family

We all have the opportunity to help others in need. We all at one time in our lives have needed a helping hand. When it is placed on our hearts to give to those in need we must act on it! The story of the Brooks family had such an impact on me that I have laid in bed trying to figure out away to help this family. If you do not know the story Please Check it out. I have included the link at the end of this post.

Not only is random acts of kindness this week and Valentines day on Saturday it is a day that the Lord has made and we are all blessed by some measure of the Lord's good work in our lives.

Having had a medical issues over the last 3 years I know how hard it is to take are of small children while being in pain. My heart breaks for this young mom who not only has had to endure such a horrid assault but on top of that have 2 small girls who need special attention.
We can't not begin to imagine what this family must face on a day to day basis.

This Saturday on Valentine's day we are using the store to help this family. Every watch Battery sold and watch band we will Donate 5.00 to the family. We also carry jewelry at at the store watches,rings,bracelets, black hills gold, pendants and more.. and for every jewelry item sold this week 20.00 will go to the family.

We will also be accepting gifts for the family.That can be gift cards for groceries, gift cards for gas, gift cards to clothing, diapers, clothes , books will all be accepted at the store. any kind of help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I know some of you have offered to do a few frozen dinners for the the family and send checks to me..Thank you so much for your Generosity

We are located behind Muddy water's Coffee stand...102 Grover Street #104 and will be open 9-4 on this Saturday.

Thank you in advance for including this family in your prayer's.

For those of you coming form out of town...I have included a few pictures of the store front to help you find us...



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You have such a good heart Tiffiny!


GREAT way to help this family out!!! I wish I could come buy some jewelry.

Thanks for getting this info. (article link) out there ... I hadn't heard anything about the attack.


PS: Hoping we can talk some time about MOPS.

Arlen_Kristy Johnston

Thanks Tiffiny and Jeremy for helping this family. I feel so bad for them. I met Stephanie and the girls at a multiples playgroup one time between their hospital visits. They're so sweet but all they did was sit there. Stephanie already goes through so much on a daily basis trying to take care of the girls.

Ross and Taya

Good job you guys. We're proud of you and we pray that God will bless the Brooks family and bless you for your generosity. We have a friend in Africa who reminds us that we are "blessed to be a blessing" and that's what you're doing. Keep up the good work,

ross and taya