Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Mikey

I remember the day you where born..I was 16 and had just got a job a Dairy Queen the same day!! You where so little to me! I loved to show you off to all my friends. I would bring you to school for our family class and all the girls would hold you and snuggle with you. Before Matthew was born we would have you come stay with us. I can't believe you where only 3 when Matthew was born and already an uncle. Now my other kids call you "Brother-Uncle" HA!

I will never forget our trip to Disneyland and you proving to us you could swim because you hated the fact I made you wear your life jacket all the time. I laugh now when the only thing you remember from the trip was the Snickers bar we got you. Nope not Alcatraz or the Winchester mansion...just a snickers bar.

I remember that we could not carve pumpkins with out you. Matthew was heartbroken the first year we did not carve pumpkins with you.

I can't believe you are 16 today!! Your a bright young man with so much to offer. We are proud of you! I love being able to create memories with you....We love you Brother...May all your dreams come true and never settle for less then you deserve!!

I was having trouble uploading pictures..Will post some soon...