Monday, February 16, 2009

As long as he is

Happy..This has to be my parenting motto right now. Every night as I am making dinner..Carter decides he is just no into playing elsewhere. He must be in the kitchen right next to me. Pulling on my leg..throwing his arms up for me to hold him. I have tried to put him in his high chair but by the time dinner is done and I want to sit down and eat...he is wanting out. So I have always let him in the baggie cupboard , to play with the boxes....Needless to say the boxes have broken down and he wanted to see what was in them. I just let bought me time to finish dinner and well...he was happy. That is how I parent right now...whatever makes you happy (within reason!) Carter!!

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Heather D

I hear you sister. George has a tupperware cupboard and a towel drawer.


We are in the same crazy world! Cole does the same thing to me while I am making dinner and while I am trying to get ready in the morning too. Some days I am amazed we even have a dinner to eat because he is such a persistant little thing.! Gotta love em!