Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Save me from my

to do list!!

Seriously..My life is spinning out of control..I need to breathe, regroup and prepare myself for the next 18 years...okay prepare for the next week...this must be how "good" moms do it...they simply are always prepared and planful...I am not either of them..however I am becoming more prepared every time I leave the house...you can only forget the bottle,formula or diapers only once. It can really put a kink in your plans if you have no food for your baby...trust me It has happened...

I do make sure I have a half a tank of gas at all times...I have a huge fear that if we needed to get out of here...I know I could make it somewhere and well, my darling husband drives his truck down to 1 mile before he has to fill up...My Awesome mini van doesn't have that cool feature ...you know the big "ding" hey stupid...fill up your tank ding...joking...but seriously it drives me nuts that if we had an emergency he would run out of gas waiting for gas...I on the other hand will be heading down the road....with my case of water that is always in my van..I don't have any food...well, does old fries that I swear never get moldy count!?

So here is what I don't get...how can people really think that we stay at home moms don't work? Now, don't get me wrong this is not a debate on if I think moms should work...you do what you have to do..I am SOOO not the one to judge...but you know the ones who give you that disapproving eye when you say you stay home...or the ones who want to know when you will be entering the workforce to get a real job. Oh, I have had some classic conversations with others over what I really do all day. People really think I lay on the couch and watch TV all day..and yes if you minus my Faceboook addiction I could be more productive but really 1 hour a day on here for the sake of sanity is really no big deal...I am not asking you to debate me on that! :)

But really...I wake up to the same thing everyday...messy house...I clean messy house...you can';t tell I cleaned messy house..I go to bed with clean house I wake up to messy house..I wake up to 2 loads of laundry I do 2 loads I go to bed with 3 loads...I vacuum in the afternoon...I should vacuum by bedtime..I Windex the slider and I Windex the slider again...I grocery shop Monday only to find myself back there by Thursday...really? can I plan for all of this? Can I be more diligent on my to do list?

Well...I should go tackle my ever growing to do list...and yes, I only make lists to feel organized...do Il ook at it everyday and cross stuff off? No...but maybe I should start then it would take away the "frazzled" feeling...

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Ohh, I know EXACTLY how you feel! Spend hours cleaning a house that will be messy again by the time the evening rolls around. I think someone made the comment "lazy" once. I am not a violent person, but I will say I felt like smacking them. I find it very hard to balance taking care of me and taking care of my house and family.


My dear 6 year old just asked me last week, "Why don't you work?" Oh yea ... I could have come up with MANY good answers for that one. But, I just smiled.

I am just a lazy mom of 13 children who has homeschooled all children for the past 18 years ... with 11 more to go since my youngest 2 are in 1st grade. But, no, I don't "work".

Got any bon-bons to go along with the soap operas I watch all day? (Not!)

Laurel :)


I hear ya! Here's my tip: Stop cleaning! ;) It's going to get messy again anyway, and the kids learning to lick their own fingerprints off the slider builds their immune systems! And if you bathe them with their clothes on, it saves on laundry, and if you don't get to the grocery store, you can have them eat all the crumbs in your van. Call it 'trail mix' and it will save money AND get your van clean!

Win/win, right? OK, maybe not... :)