Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday's

It is that time again for another week of " NOT ME! " Monday....Being honest about parenting and living to tell about it....

It was NOT me who said a naughty word in traffic the other day only to be told by my 12 year old that we should probably not say that around my 3 year old..Yes, good idea my son.

It was NOT me who told my Miss America that McDonald's fry machine had caught on fire and we could not go there...sorry, all out of fries.

It was NOT me who wanted to lose her mind at her sons first birthday parity because the present opening was out of control and I really thought I could go mental..It is NOT me who hates uncontrolled chaos.

It was NOT me who has NOT cleaned her house in 4 I really should be getting off this computer!!

can't wait to read what YOU did NOT do this week!!

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Heather D

I did not catch my oven on fire.