Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Addicited to TLC

No I am not talking about Tender Loving Care although that wouldn't be a bad thing to be addicted to...I am talking about the TV channel TLC...
I must be obsessed with the Duggar Family and Not really liking Jon and Kate but have to watch it just to see if she is still an uptight mama and then I watch Toddlers and Tiaras and who can't live with out the Little People Big World?

I record all of these....Last night I stayed up way to late watching the Duggars...I secretly wish I could handle that many kids...what a fun life for a child. My aunt had 8 kids. 1 girl and 7 boys in an 1200 square foot rambler with ONE bathroom. They survived..why because first when you cram that many people into a space you MUST learn and well because they had an awesome Cousin TT (wink,wink) but makes my skin crawl when I hear Kate complaining about how she deserves this new big house and her kids need it...blah, blah, blah....and they just got not one puppy but TWO puppies...what are you thinking? You are going to lose your have 8 kids that still need help getting dressed and you go and get 2 puppies? Your a germ freak and your husband and kids are stressed out on every episode because of you..You have not figured out how to control everything what makes you think you can control 2 animals?

I know..I shouldn't judge I don't have 8 kids...but if I did they could visit me at the hospital and I will explain to them I need that helps me hug myself.

On to the Duggars...OH MY!!! I love them....last week they went on a missions to El took a few kids..HA! and mom stayed home with the younger ones...What this father teaches them is incredible...they all have servant hearts. Jim Bob (I LOVE that name) teamed up with the SOS ministries to help out an orphanage and a poverty stricken families...I love how she teaches self control and self discipline to all of her kids...and yes there house is big but the reason for it was because she wanted then to play inside and the kids still share bedroom has 3 bunk bed sets...the dynamic of her and Kate are so extreme...

Okay...on to
Toddler and Tiaras... I have a daughter who love the stage...uses anything in our house create a stage and she is a princess..she had the princess shoes before she was 2...she has learned to run these Little heels. She loves to dress up! She can be found in the summer with only her tutu on swimming in her pool or jumping on the trampoline...

I have really thought about entering her into just one pageant...I don't know what kind or where they are but I feel as if she truly enjoys this then why can't that be her activity? I am not talking about spray tans, flapper teeth (fake ones for kids), wigs or eye make-up...I am talking about dressing up and showing talent, I am not sure what that talent would be...I have inquired into piano lessons for her..but whatever it maybe I don't think it is all that what the show portrays is HORRIBLE...we have moms who push their daughters way to far...we have girls crying and single moms with no money making 600.00 dresses!! I really feel as though this show gives you the worst...We don't have shows on the parents who sit on the sidelines of a baseball game yelling, cussing and throwing things (yes, I have seen it here in town) in frustration. Is that sad? Your darn right it is...but should we stray away from all activities? Should I sign my Miss America up for a pageant? I don't call her really thinking she will be Miss America but if you know my daughter you know that the name is fitting. So I there a big difference between pageants and getting the star role in a play? What is the difference? I mean if you child loves it what could it hurt? My Oldest loved karate...he was 2 belts away from black and had been studying since he was 3...and he was just not into it so we let him pull out..was that hard? YES!! We wanted to push him to continue..he was only could he really know what was the best for himself? As parents we did what we thought was best...and let him join the next activity...

My favorite on TLC is the Duggars...check out can find some cool recipes and fun things.

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The Kingsborough Queen

love the duggar family...although she can sometimes make me feel like what's my problem since she has 6x more children than me and you! and no comment to the "little people, big world"