Friday, February 20, 2009


I know once again..It is not Thursday but I am going to do it anyways...another week with Tiffiny on a random day but calling it a Thursday...

Hope this week brings you just as much despair, heartache, joy and happiness as it did me...I guess you can tell by that thought that my week has been an emotional one..Blame it on PMS or blame it on some doctors diagnosis or you can just chalk it up to being a full-time mom and wife along with Gardner, garbage taker-outer, diaper servicer, Laundry maid, Chauffeur, bill payer, birthday planner...So I am sure you get the big picture..I am overwhelmed Super mom...

Saving one chaotic day to the next...

So here is Your long awaited post...

I am Thankful for...My washer and dryer...Seriously...could even survive with out them? 6 people...2-3 loads a day..Mine are nothing fancy...they don't look like they could take you to friend Jenn has these front loaders..holds like 16 pairs of jeans and they really do look like they can take you to space. I secretly wish mine would die so I can have new ones. My dishwasher...oh, how I love thee...You can do such amazing make my kitchen always look run up to 4 times a day...I am forever grateful to you! You get the point...all these wonderful appliances..Thank you for running and NOT dying on me when I need you the most!!

I'm listening to...Olivia slurping Top Ramen..yep, lunch of champions or should I say crappy lunch!?! She begged..I didn't hesitate..

What's for dinner tonight....Pulled pork BBQ the crock pot!! HA!! I bottle BBQ sauce I pork raost..Violla..Dinner for 2 nights!!

What I'm looking forward to...Dinner at The Keg..we have a gift certificate to use!! Bunko friend Jenn wants to treat me to girly day-Afternoon!!

Missing....a boy scout least it is not the boy scout!!

Hopefully I can blog more later... I have so much to blog...I also have so much to be grateful for..Life comes at you happens and when others step in and make it just a bit easier stop and tell them how much you really do love know who you are (wink,wink)

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My kids use to live on Top Ramen. So to give it a healthy twist ( at least in my mind) I would throw in a handful of frozen mixed veggies and some left-over cut up meat from the know like chicken breast, sausage or hot dog, lunch meat. Whatever you have. Or even drop a scrambled egg in, cook for 2-3 minutes and its done. Protein and vegetables. Can't beat it as long as she'll eat it!