Monday, February 16, 2009

Not me Monday's....

So it is "NOT me Monday" already!! What have I NOT done this week?
Well for starters It was NOT me who put the baby gate up to block my child from leaving his I could get something done. Would this be considered a mean thing to do? Maybe since he wasn't a big fan of actually being locked into a space.
It was NOT me who waited last minute to do anything on Valentine's day for my family. It was NOT me who threw together a few homemade crafts. It was NOT me who thought I was the craftiest mom in the whole wide world after I did it in about 3 minutes.
It was NOT me who got behind on Carter's shots without really knowing I did.
It was NOT me who put off laundry all week and then it was NOT me who complained about it non-stop just to take the heat off my own procrastination.
It is NOT me who is addicted to Facebook stalking...hence the procrastination.

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