Monday, February 2, 2009

Did you know or do you know...

That my house was for rent!?! and do you know who put it for rent?
I have a feeling it was a certian boy's friend or friends...Wonder How much we Could get if it WAS for RENT!

4 ...Stalker Comments:

The Kingsborough Queen

awwww...sweet revenge!!! and it wasn't even me! i laughed hysterically. kind of reminds me of when i awoke one sunday morning to constant honking cuz cher was turning 40 according to the signs! you had this one coming my!!!


Oh thats funny! So far I have only gotten prank phone calls from my son and his friends. Soon enough the TP'ing will start!

The Erdmann Family

Now that is funny!


Wait until the for sale signs start multiplying. I know someone who would put hundreds of for sale signs in other peoples' yards.
AHHHH, to be young again.