Monday, January 5, 2009

You Keep..

checking on this sight to see if you are the winner..I know you have..You have turned into a blog stalker..I am now starting to get scared. I will draw by Friday..but I could be just telling you that so maybe you should stalk me some more...

So since I have 3 blogs to post today I will leave you with a recap of the last weekend..

Friday...stayed out way to late with my friend 2am..So she just spent the night here instead of waking up her little one at 2am because we so did not plan on being home that late... was a blur..I have to say I was a bit mad at myself for ruining hte weekend with being a bit selfish the night before. Made cupcakes, played in the snow and watched TV

Sunday..went to church in shifts...Jeremy took the older boys to the 9am..Olivia was just not feeling it and because we have problems with her staying on the childcare it is not worth it...Jeremy came home and the boys stayed with the babies while Jeremy took me to church. It was very nice to be able to sit in the front with out worrying if that was our number on the screen. We sit in the back next to the isle so if we are called out to get one of them then it would not be such a distraction. It only takes one time and you start thinking.
we then went to a class on growing in Christ and your maturity level. It is 3 weeks and So FAR SO GOOD!! I noticed this morning that Jeremy had his bible out and doing devotions at 5am.

The phone rang at 6:25 am with Jeremy asking me to bring him his work keys..WHAT!? You like work 45 minutes away and I have only had 5 hours of sleep to this point and you want me to what!? yes, I went met him in Bellingham and delivered his work keys. Yes, I am a good wife...

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The Erdmann Family

You are SUCH a good wife!!! I hate those calls....ha ha.

you and Jenn staying out of trouble?