Monday, January 5, 2009

11 Months old!!

I have been doing so good keeping up with Carters baby book through blogging so i had to share about him before my forgetful mommy brain turned to mush...

Happy 11 month Birthday My Carter John!! I Love your eyes and your smile! I love how you can say Matthew, Mikey, Sam and O ( for Olivia) You haven't really walked yet, Just a few steps but why should you? everyone will hold you. You are starting to drink milk from a cup and cry when I leave for a moment. You are daring and have no fear from anything! You will go the top of the stairs and yell for Matthew and Mikey to get you. You will hear dad come home and crawl as fast (I mean FAST!) to get to him and won't let anyone else go near him.

You wave bye-bye to everyone. Your a joy to have here. You bring a smile upon our faces everyday. You bug your sister and yet she still wants to "babysit" you. You don't really dislike anything..only not being on someones lap.

can't wait till your first Birthday!! It is the last first birthday parity I get to throw..I get a bit sad but I am excited to watch all your milestones!! We Love you John!!

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The Erdmann Family

It's sad how fast they grow up isn't it? He is you Carter J!


I LOVE Carter's pictures...he is so cute, sweet, precious, handsome...what a doll!