Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a few of my

Of my favorite things and friends!!

I had the privilege of hosting a wonderful " Favorite things party" with my girlfriends Friday night. About 4 years ago our MOPS group had done a similar thing and last year my dear friend Cher had hosted a favorite things party. It is a lot like Oprah's favorite thing show where she will give everyone in the audience her favorite things.

MANY of you have asked me how to host your own party...you start with your guest list ( we had 11 girls) and then give them at least 2 months notice for the party..we did this because we have a 10.00 gift value per guest and they can split it up over the course of a few months. Strive for a FINAL headcount within 3 weeks of the party date. This is the important part. Sometimes finding 10 of the same thing can be a bit challenging, I just picked up 10 of my favorite thing Saturday for the next party. ( hoping for one this summer!)

The night night of the party..you can do whatever you want..we had dessert fondue and lots of other yummy food along with wine. You could do a sit down dinner.
Amber had made everyone take home totes for their goodies..but you can have each guest bring their own basket. We did not set a rule for for wrapping your gift but many of us did or had great packaging..It is up to the guest.

After a few games we drew names ( thanks Julie for the inspiration of the bookmarks!) then we each took our turn presented our favorite thing and why it is our favorite thing. Somewhere cleaning products, somewhere homemade, but most was a girly fun stuff , like Victoria secret lip gloss and body spray!!

We had so much fun!! Some of the girls have never been while others attended the same kind a party last year. Here is a few of our goodies...

Real Simple Magazine ( can you believe that 2 of brought this magazine!)
Nail polish remover
spa hair treatment
Baileys ( YuMMO!)
Wall hanging
toothpaste ( Awesome!!)
Make-up tote
Bath & Body works lotion and soap
Scrapbook kit
Victoria secrets lip gloss, bath gel and body spray
Magic Eraser
Nail dremmel Tool kit

and so much more!!!

As you can see it was better then Christmas for some of us!! I think what my favorite part was was sharing with everyone else what I love..It does not have to be hard...I know some people do a gift card favorite thing..they bring 10.00 gift card from their favorite store along with the product they love. The guest can explain why it is their favorite and each guest can leave with a gift card and the product is then given away through a drawing.

No matter what you decide..It is so much fun and worth everything!! It does not have to be thrown in any particular month..we are looking at doing one this summer and maybe including a weekend getaway with it!! YIPPEEE!!

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The Erdmann Family

WHAT is that big fat face picture of me doing on there??????????

Love ya!


Oh so much fun! I cant wait to be invited to the one in the summer...Iam invited right...hehe

Sara Joy

What a FANTASTIC idea!!!! Sounds like quite the party :) I might have to try to do one of those one day. Love it!

Arlen_Kristy Johnston

That looks like so much FUN!

The Kingsborough Queen

it looks like you girls had so much fun!! missed you all, especially you my friend...queen of the parties (you throw the best!) just wish i could have been there to take part! your pics are gorgeous! what a hottie!

SLO Day Design

Thanks for giving the details! Sounds like a fun time!!


I had so much fun Tif! Thanks for always including me as one of the girls. Now that I have 2 under my belt I think the salon should do one. Thanks for being a great hostess. See you soon.