Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I am going to

Draw the winner tonight!! You will get a great package in the mail with lots fun stuff...cd's, candles, bubble bath along with 20 free personally designed cards and a free photo session with Roxsey photo!!

Just leave your comment on this post. click it to take you there!! happy reading, I am now off to wipe snotty noses, chase kiddos out of the garbage and stop one from putting the whole roll of toilet paper down the toilet..What are you going to do!?

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Isn't it amazing how similar Mommy Days are? The exciting things around our house today were that we celebrated feeling a little better by having cupcakes for lunch and taking a drive in the snow when Daddy got home.

Jared's favorite thing to do right now is to stand in the bathroom sink and squirt the hand soap all over everywhere.

Mommy is having fun!