Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I want to help clarify, don't get me wrong I am glad some of you have mentioned the fact that I don't post many pictures of Matthew. That shows me you love him and care about how he fits into this family. So I thank you for that. I just want you all to know that Matthew being the ONLY child for 9 years got the best of me everyday. He got all the high fives, all the hugs, all the laughter and so much more. Matthew had his pictures done at birth, 5 weeks, 3 months,6months,9 months, 1year , 18 months and every year since then...Carter has had his done 2 times.

Matthew got me all to himself. He did not have to share my time nor my energy. Having a large age gap between my children has it advantages and HUGE disadvantages. Many of you will comment that oh, I bet it is so nice that he helps you. Well it is nice but I don't expect him to always help. I expect him to be a child. He has plenty of years to grow up.

There is something we run into quite a bit with our family...activities. Matthew is to old for Jump around fun zone and Carter is to small to go sledding at Mt. Baker. Matthew gets alot more one on one time with mom or dad because one is always home with the other children. We treat Matthew as the only child and will continue to do so. It works for us and for him.

So, yes my dear friends I could keep going on about how I much Matthew gets or got from us as parents. I just want to leave you with this...they didn't have blog sites 12 years ago so you could all see him growing up..but I assure ALL of you...we dote on him all the time never ever letting him feel forgotten in between diapers and time-outs.

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Tammy K

Matthew is spoiled by all.. He is the best kid anyone could aske for. Tiff and Jeremy you are raising him very well love you guys lots.

Sara Joy

Oh, I think it's obvious how much you love him :)

Your family is adorable!!