Thursday, January 1, 2009

You can win this!!

When I started blogging I was not sure how well I would do with the whole thing...I mean come on who would really want to read about our chaotic life? Crying babies? missing keys? Thursday's thoughts? Messy houses? Crabby moms? Mustaches?

Much to my surprise many of you have given me personal comments on my blog. I do get a bit nervous when sharing such deep thoughts. I mean can you really understand my thought process from writing? Would you take something out of context not knowing the intentions behind it? Would you really care what my 3 year old did that day?

What I have come to find that each one us of has similar stories and that we are all craving some kind of normalcy in our lives. What I love about this blogging world is there are so many of you out there! I am a 'blog stalker" ( Thanks Allison!) that will click on blogs 3 times a day to see what is new and exciting. I do rejoice with you and cry with you fellow blogger friends...

I am happy I started this and look forward to the next year of sharing with you the crazy stuff we encounter daily,weekly, monthly and yearly!

I have put together a few of my favorite things for you..all you have to do is comment this post ( please only uplifting, ego driving, funny comments!)If you say i suck at blogging trust me you will NOT win!!
Next week I will print out the comments put them in bowl and draw the lucky winner...if you are out of state I will mail your package! I will include a few special things for you since you can't take advantage of the local photo session..but I can get your personal cards uploaded to the nearest Costco for you.

Included in this giveaway is a free photo session with Roxsey Photograpghy. This can be in your home or on location (excludes weddings) up to an hour and you can purchase the disks and photos. Click on the link to see her amazing work!!

You will also receive 20 personal cards from Coconut Lime Designs for your next event! You can have birthday announcements, baby announcements, thank you cards and much more designed for you FREE! You can choose a card or design a customize with your choice of font, colors and layout!

So start commenting and good luck!! Can't wait to see who the LuCKy winner is!!


23 ...Stalker Comments:

SLO Day Design

I'm leaving a comment so I can be entered into your drawing! :) You are an amazing blogger and I love reading what you write! You're stories make the rest of us mommies feel like we're normal and our lives are not much different than other moms out there! Sometimes we need that reassurance! Thank you for that!


I love your blog. You're a funny writer and down to earth. I'd read and comment regardless of a drawing. I'm a blog stalker after all!

Love the pics of the kids! Did the photographer you mentioned do them?


First time on your blog and I was so blessed and encouraged. It is amazing to see the young moms take parenting so seriously. As an old mom and Nana it gives me great faith for future generations when I see children being loved and taught eternal values. Blessings Tiff! Keep it up. It brought smiles to the first day of my New Year.


3 years alreay! where did that time go! I too love reading your blog Tiff! I was not blessed with putting my thoughts into words like you! I LOVE the way you write! its great & I can always look forward to a smile & chuckle when checking in with you! thanks Tiffiny!

Arlen_Kristy Johnston

I love your blog Tiffiny. It helps me feel normal and that the crazy stuff that happens over here isn't so crazy. What a great idea to do this drawing! Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!


You are amazing for writing a blog! Along with being a wife, mom, friend, etc. That must get hectic! But, your blog is fantastic! Good job! You have beautiful children, the pictures are wonderful! I would love to look into your photographer more....that would be awesome!!!!
Brenda Calvert


You are amazing for doing a blog!!! The drawing caught my eye...I hope I win! =) To be a mom, wife, friend etc. is a lot and so I commend you for doing all that and having a blog! Your kids are beautiful; I would love to look up your photographer a bit more.....I would love that for my own family! Keep up the good work on your blog!! Brenda Calvert


I love reading your blogs, it keeps me connected to you when I feel like I am so far away. You are a fantastic writer Tiffiny, such an inspiration to me. I am blessed to know you and be considered amongst your friends. love you.


Tiffiny, I go to your blog every day to see if you have posted something new. I look back on the days when I had 5 kids in the house and how hectic it could be sometimes. Those pictures of Carter are so cute. Its hard to believe that next month he will be a year old already.


What a fun way to start the year ... with a contest.

The blogging world is a great way for moms to stay connected with each other, when we can feel so isolated at home. LOVE reading about your family.

New Years Blessings,



You are the greatest Tiff! I love reading your blog. I think there is a career in there for you somewhere!
Kristin Beard

Brandon and Kari Mulder

I am also leaving a comment to enter to win. I absolutely think that your blog is wonderful, I am not just saying that. I love looking at how your kids a growing and up and reading your blunt, but completely true thoughts. I get excited to see updates on your blog when I check every week. I love getting ideas for when I have kids sometime soon. Keep blogging.

Debbie Black

Oops!!!! Forgot to sign my name...I was talking to Cher tonight about your blog. Anyway, I was the third comment down..."first time on your blog..."
Love Debbie Black
Happy New Year Tiff!

Sara Joy

Oh my goodness I LOVE contests!! What a great idea. :) Ive had so much fun reading your blog. It kinda gives me an idea of what life might be like when my family grows and Baker is a bit older.

Thanks for opening my eyes to blogging! I adore having something to do when Bakers napping.

Happy New Year to you and your adorable family!!!!

*Good Luck to all your fellow comment..ers* :)


One of the things I most appreciate about your blog is that you find the joy and stop to capture the moment where I would often be "mid-meltdown" by that point. Because of being friends with you I have realized it's just carpet...they can always have a bath...and girls CAN wear boys jammies and underwear and still have just as much fun! I love your honesty in regards to your parenting and the best part about your blog is that your heart shines through. I have enjoyed this year of your blogging and felt you made my boring days brighter and overwhelming days more managable. The pictures are stunning!!! It captured the kids perfectly..they are beautiful! Love you and miss you, Cher xoxox


When I made my last comment I did not mean it to say from anonymous. I said it was from Grandma but I'm sure you knew that already.


Hi Tiffiny and family from Katie and Hoey in Utah. We enjoy looking at your blog daily. Sometimes even more than once a day! Reading your blog encouraged us to start our own. I think yours is more interesting to read though. We admire how often you post and the wonderful family pictures that you post because even though we are out of state we feel well connected. Joe hopes that your computer is running good. Love to you all. Happy New Year.

Stefanie Gimse

What a great idea! You are amazing I have no idea how you do it all! I love Brooke's photo's of your baby's, I think I should go that route for our 1 family pic session! Stefanie


Hi Tiffiny-

I saw the pictures of Carter and Olivia on MySpace and then stumbled onto your blog. It's AMAZING! I love how the photographer captured how absolutely adorable they are in person (and I've only met them once at the wedding.)

The drawing was also an incentive to leave a comment :::wink wink::: and would be a great reason to fly home. I hope life is wonderful and your year is off to a great start.

Keep in touch!



Hey Tiffany I'm a blog stalker too!


My awsome sister.... I love you so much and I love reading all of your blogs you are an amazing woman, Mommy, Wife and Big Sister, I look up to you so much :) Love always your little sis (Tammy)

The Erdmann Family

You know I love your blog. I read it everyday! May not always comment but I read it all the time. And I thought my life was crazy!

Love ya, looking forward to friday night!


Pick me, pick me, pick me! If I win do I have to design my own cards? :)