Sunday, January 18, 2009


Here are a few rambling thoughts for you all...I have had really nothing to blog about. I know I have die hards who check my blog daily so this post is for you...

Why must I always be in pain!? I am serious, has the Lord looked past the fact I have 4 kids to tend to and a wonderful husband who needs my support and fishes and dogs that need to get fed?

The last few days have been hard..I have been unable to walk much or sit for a period of time with out hurting..but this is not my intention to sit around whining about my pain looking for all of you to feel sorry for me..okay, maybe a few of you can feel sorry for me. Like feel sorry for me take my 3 year old for a that kind a feel sorry for you.

But I went to the doctor in December before Christmas and He wanted to do some diagnostic testing on my L-4 and L-5...well because the pain is getting worse I called and asked why I had not heard back from the diagnostics doctor...well, they got the referral on Jan. 2nd and it can take up to 30-45 days to call you..

Okay, this is when I am about to lose it...Take me seriously people!! Please that's all I ask of you. Take me serious, and good thing I don't have to wait in line for medical care and I have medical care..good care just a tad slow for those in pain :)

On to a lighter note...Carter will be one soon and I have done ZERO..Zilch planning for this special occasion. It will be a priority this has to be..coming from the mom who has huge parties for all her other kids...I Love birthdays..for everyone...we all get excited when a new baby arrives in the world..and I believe that excitement should be shown everyday but even more so on your I will get planning!!

Next, I have 3 nieces birthdays 2 on the 8th and one on the 10th , Mikeys and my sister in laws on the 17th...Mikey will be 16!! Another party to plan.

Who doesn't love the sun!? what a blessing..cold but bright! went by the car wash yesterday and from the looks of the lines in EVERY bay EVERYONE had the same idea.
I did go the garage thinking maybe I could tackle a a small project in there...NOPE..I shut the door and prepared myself mentally for Spring. When I am selling everything!!

Adventure club helpers needed!!! Hey moms and dads when you bring your kid to adventure club PLEASE come in ad sign up to help..They GIVE you a cool t-shirt!! They have Lil k for 3-5 year old and childcare for babies if you are leading. It is so much fun and rewarding to see the kids learn about the Lord. It is not hard and you don't have to be a scholar in the Bible to help..So come on in and get started!!!

No school tomorrow!?! Why couldn't we make up a snow-flooding day? Just a thought...

Here is the best laugh out loud sight in the world!! CLICK HERE to laugh

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Oh I hope you feel better! Doesnt it just amaze you how long it takes for medical people to call or make an appointment!!! My daughters birthday is on the 25th and I have yet to plan something! Steve and I were just talking about doing something else in the church maybe that would be a good spot for us, but we already agreed to come in early and watch helpers kids while you guys prepare and pray. I will talk to him!


I have been scouring party planning books that I have borrowed from the library. They have some really good ideas. Just none that I want to use for Lance. We are in the same boat. I just have a few days longer to plan. Plus I like to make the birthday cake, yikes, what am I thinking? Good Luck on your planning. May the force be with you.