Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a JEWEL...

My dear friend Julie has a heart that has no boundaries. She is truly an amazing woman. She is full of God Beauty and grace. Forgives easily and loves when she feels like she can't. She recognizes her friends heart and carries the burden of others. She is a wonderful mom to 3 girls and a wonderful and patient wife. She cooks for others in need and often dropping off random goodies. She can fill your spirit as well as your tummy. She thinks of others more then herself and knows her treasures await her in heaven. She is kind. She is truly a wonderful listener. She will not judge you. She is always first to offer her time to anyone.

Julie knew that when It comes to painting I can't seem to pull it off...it starts with finding the right color and then it starts with me NOT, I repeat NOT being a detailed oriented person. Painting is not only a fear of mine but a huge burden.

I have wanted a red "something' wall for over 7 years....she took it upon herself to give up HER TIME to come over and help a friend in need. It was not necessarily a 'need" but a desire. She knew me all to well that I would not have asked for help. She showed up and took care of me as she always does.

Once again...I can't thank you enough. I will pay it forward.

I love you Julie....You are one of a kind and my life is better because I know you.

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What a great friend you have!


What fun! This year we put white wainscotting in our bedroom, and then did the top half of the walls dark red (2 walls) and dark blue (2 walls). I LOVE it!

So ... talk to me more about this MOPS possibility. Is NCCTK considering having it again?



wow. I'm humbled. I haven't cried in a long time over something that made me feel so good. I am truely blessed to know you Tiffiny. You amaze me all the time and it was a huge honor to do so simple a thing and have it matter so much. I don't feel so special when I think about myself, but with a few words you've made me feel incredible. Thank you. Letting me paint your kitchen was a your blessing to me.


Gorgeous! Way to go Jules!


Isn't julie great!! I love the paint color!! Hey if you were serious about the formula...just drop it by Shane's office! Thank you so much!!

3 little and 2 big liks

how fun that you have a blog too!! i admit, i'm a total blog junkie too!! :)
is this your little one????? too cute!!
thanks for checking in. i'll add you to my favorite blogs since yours is so darn cute!! :)


What a wonderful friend Julie is. AND the color looks amazing!

The Kingsborough Queen

Julie you are so very precious...and the kitchen looks amazing. But, Tiff I want you to know are a wonderful friend, wife and mother. You deserved this "RED" kitchen. You are generous and selfless...I see that in you all the time...and I know how much this meant to you. The best thing about girlfriends is that more often than not they fill our "love banks" and let us know what a blessing we are to them without even realizing the other feels just the same!! I miss you my friend. xoxoxo

Loren Christie

love the color red...I have the same shade in my bedroom and dining room.