Saturday, January 24, 2009


what am I doing awake at 12:48 am!?! Well . since you asked me...I will tell you that I got a call tonight around 8 from my neighbor asking me to go check on his wife...she seemed really sick and in rough shape on the phone ( he is California) So I went over and she was in bed not looking so hot. I grabbed her 6 year old son and packed his bag and had him go to my house for for some serious wii action with the boys. I then returned to the neighbor's house and waited for her older daughter to arrive so she could take her to the hospital..When Carlie arrived home we then realized we should call 911 and so we did..the went ahead a transported her to the hospital. W waited in the ER waiting room for about 3 hours..She is still there testing so I can home and now waiting for the call to go back and get her.....

So Life in the ER on a Friday night is so entertaining...Not funny hahaha someone is hurt but " Real" life happens there. A young girl came in visibly upset her other friend had alcohol poisoning and was brought in by medics..then when the young girl ( about 18) was told she had to wait in the waiting room she started sobbing at which point "crazy" man who really liked girls or women sat down and talked with her...within MINUTES!!! I mean like SECONDS!! She had managed to share her phone numbers, last name , address, who she lived with ( her roommates) and where she worked..I was blown away!!! Do we not teach our children this stuff!? How many times do you think oh, my child would never do that...well, my friends someones child did it tonight and it was scary. As we were leaving I told the front staff ( like they could really do anything about a young beautiful girl sharing her PERSONAL info with a crazy man) to make sure they kept an eye on her...

Then I got to meet a man who served in IRAQ...what a moment..THANK YOU for serving for US!

The guy next to us shared his personal story...from being abused to having 9 month sober but don't worry..he would never kill himself..he is happy the doctors have him on about 5 different drugs to keep him pain free and happy!!

So here I am decompressing...thinking how everyone has a story. I have a story. a pretty rough life story. I am no one to judge...not anyone. We are created out of environments we were raised in. Your story will always begin at home.

I will blog later on my travel back into time at taco bell...stay tuned it was fun!!

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