Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday with Tiffiny

I'm thankful for...the snow that has melted, the rain that has stopped and how weather can be fierce and relentless incredible beautiful!

I'm listening to...The hum of the dishwasher...Olivia cutting her coupons for when she goes shopping.

In the oven...a few pots and pans...nothing in them.

What's for dinner first attempt at Mexican food..I made Chinese in the crockpot Monday and it ROCKED!!! Easy & Cheap! who doesn't love the crock pot!?!

What I'm looking forward to...A girls party here...tomorrow night. An Oprah spin off of our favorite things. each girl is to bring their favorite thing for each guest and share why they love it! Last year I could not attended the one Cher had thrown because I was on bedrest but I did participate and got some AMAZING things!! There will be 11 of us! WHOOP-Hoo!!

What's happening this week....

Nothing to really write about..blogging, bill paying, 1st Birthday planning, shopping with Great-grandma fun stuff!!

Can you believe it has been almost one year!!!

I am missing...if you still are wondering about the Boy scout shirt..Have NOT found that stinking thing yet!! But I have taken 5 bags of donations to the new drop off boxes in maybe after I get through each room I will find it!! Man, My house is really not that dirty...just stuff!

If you want to just copy & Paste this post and tell us about your week!! Look forward to reading it!

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Ross and Taya

hi tiffiny! when u get a moment i would love your chinese recipe for the crock pot ( thanks so much!