Friday, January 30, 2009

My Friends...

I can't get enough of my friends!! They are so stinkin talented!! Yesterday I was boycotting facebook..for 24 hours..I decided to update my blog..after 2 hours of trying to get a cool signature I found myself calling my friend Jenn to help me...She is so talented and has launched her own business ( click here to View it )for people like her best friend. She is amazing when it comes to cute and fun computer stuff.

Thanks Jenn for rescuing me and giving me a new blog header....I love it!!

P.S. How much do I owe you!?!

3 ...Stalker Comments:


Love the new header, and the cool signature. Now you, my friend, can teach me how to add a cool signature.

:) :) :)

The Kingsborough Queen

the header is beautiful...and so suits your blog! you look gorgeous in that picture by the way!


The link for my website links to my blog instead of and if you happened to see my post today it may be a good thing if you fix that link. My post wasn't very professional, only funny!

Your signature looks wonky on my screen at work. Are you inserting it as "small" not medium or large? It looks stretched out for some reason.