Friday, November 28, 2008

When is it worth it!?

I am Ms. crabby pants right now...I mean like hurt everyone who comes into 12 inches of my breathing room...Or as I like to put it "my air"..I am trying so hard to be cheerful and kind and say all the right things with out acting as if the simple question my 12 year old asked me was not the end of this world or do I need to act like my 3year old.

I stood in line at our lovely wal-mart store for 2.5 hours last night but not before heading to the outlet mall for midnight madness shopping. Okay, so I I am never going there again...that is so not worth it...I say that every year but it is so not worth it. I think 3 hours of sleep is better then none.

Did I mention I hate walmart the day after Thanksgiving!? I did that 8 years ago and vowed I would never do it again! Whatever...I break my word all the time to my kids and myself. So why did I go!?? For my best friend...I know pat me on the back, give me a high five, hug me, kiss me...tell me I am the world's best girlfriend! I know that is not what your thinking however it was fun while it lasted! She really wanted the trampoline and I really didn't " need" anything. WRONG!! My husband tells me Thursday afternoon he really needs a navigation GPS thingy... I mean like needs it by MONDAY! can't go one more day without it. I understand he started a route truck driving job ( the job is WONDERFUL!) but acting like our 3 year old...I need I Yep, I had to get him this thingy and the 5.00 toys were hard to beat! I even got Carter John his birthday gift!

But really was it worth it!? Was it worth coming home to 4 kids...a baby who needs me and 3 year old who jumps on the bed every me a total of 3 hours sleep in 2 days!? I don't think being bum-rushed a the door by rude people who waited in their cars to till the door open just to rush in with all of NICE people who waited in line was worth it. I don't think the 25 minute check out line was worth it...

Here is what I do think will be Worth it...The memories of the whole night and the look on my children's faces Christmas morning. The happy husband who can find his way around and the bottom line in our holiday budget...yep, I have a budget and I am right in line with it!

So, Ms. crabby pants is going for more coffee before she goes " postal" HA!

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