Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Family Fun!

Dancing and dinner for Jeremy's Aunt Karen's 60th birthday. It was so much fun celebrating with everyone! Definitely worth the drive to Sumner!

Have you ever tried to put 6 people in a 100 square foot hotel room!? We tried and the only thing that could get me through the night was thinking that we are creating memories for these kids. It was tight and very chaotic. We set up carter's playpen and had Olivia sleep with us but by the end of the night she ended up on the floor. We where lucky we brought blankets from home, for her cozy bed on the floor between the 2 beds.

Olivia thought it was so cool that we could watch TV from the beds. Mikey and Matthew didn't seem to mind sharing a bed. dad and mom where thankful Olivia didn't really want to share with us our double bed.

We went to the Space needle and walked around the Seattle center. Olivia had a breakdown right when we where leaving. She tried to ride a ride but they had to stop it for her because she hated it! I hate height so I closed my eyes to the top of the needle and would not go on the observation deck. Everyone else had a wonderful time.

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Looks like fun! nice and squishy in the hotel room though! I've been there done that, ugh.


thanks for pic of me with ams over my head!!!!¡¡¡¡