Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday's Thread

A week in review

I'm thankful for....Filling Up the " MINI" Van for under 50.00!! YIPPPEEE..My yard is mowed and the leaves are raked. The gutters are clean! My fridge is full and my wonderful husband who is working 2 jobs!

I'm listening to...The fish tank and little bear...the small inside voice who is telling me to go start dinner..I don't want to!

In the oven...
NOTHING!! I said I don't want to ...

What's for dinner tonight....Seriously!? Maybe bacon, eggs and pancakes. Okay, after I typed that I am thinking that's whats for dinner.

What I'm looking forward to...Sleeping in! Jeremy's alarm (that's me!)gets us up at 6 am! Kids have pictures Saturday..not looking forward to the picture taking but the after results! Lipstick Jungle! LOVE THAT SHOW!!

What's happening this week....Mikey has Surgery...I have appointments..Other then that notta.

I am missing...Matthew's Boy Scout shirt for 1 month! I am not wanting to purchase new one! I am still missing it after searching all day Tuesday in every drawer and every box..I also lost 20.00 bucks! OUCH! I swear I put it in my pocket. I think I missing my personal assistant!

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I so love Lipstick Jungle too! I was totally bummed to hear on the radio that the show is going to be canceled, I'm so sad.