Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday's....

Not Me Monday is a weekly meme started by McMama from the blog My charming Kids.It is in celebration of our mama mistakes and how we live through them... click on the link above to read more "not me Mondays" Here we go my first "Not Me Monday"

Nope I did not skip bath for the 2 babies 2 days in a row...opting to use baby wipes...

Nope I did not stay in my pajamas 2 whole days this week...freshening up at 5 for my darling husband.

Nope I did not waste one whole day (Tuesday) on the computer while letting the 15 year old who was home from school do ALL the chores including cleaning the gutters.

Nope I did not cook top ramen for dinner.

Nope I did not screen my calls everyday of the week opting to talk to my friends.

Nope I did not yell at my children once this week....

I can't wait to hear all about your " not me's "

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