Friday, November 21, 2008

Thursday's day late

A week in review better late then never!

I'm thankful for....Our heavenly father...that we can have hope and faith in something. I am thankful for Carter John. I am thankful for my mother in law who brought us dinner this week. My Mom who watched the kids 10 hours so I could sit at the hospital with Mikey. I am thankful to Jeremy's Grandma Rosalie for bring dinner on the spur of the moment! I am always thankful for my husband and children.

I'm listening to...Dora the explorer..Carter banging "big' can't choke on them blocks.

In the oven...
Still nothing...keep looking but you will not find anything baking in there!

What's for dinner tonight....Yippee! I did plan ahead...sausage Potato soup! Yummy!

What I'm looking forward to...We are going out of town this weekend for a family birthday party. Jeremy being home. A clean house before I leave!

What's happening this week....Thanksgiving and I get to make the sweet potatoes for the first time! YIKES! Black Friday! Shopping at 4am..fighting lines and being with my friends!

I am missing...Matthew's boy scout shirt...20.00 bucks and about 30 hours of sleep this week. I am not really missing anyone although I would like to see my out of town family/cousins!

Have a great week!

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