Sunday, November 16, 2008

One of my many trips...

and falls...No seriously, I woke up happy to start the day as a family! we had a wonderful breakfast and where heading out the door to church. I had my purse and diaper bag in hand as I proceeded down the last step my leg gave out and WHOOP! I fell on the cement. I could feel the sound if pain and at that point I swear I could taste the pain! I layed there and cried...sobbing. I knew if I had not broken my ankle then my leg. It hurt so bad..pain shooting up my leg and to my toes! As I looked up there is my sweet girl Olivia telling me that I would be okay, just wait for daddy he can fix anything! Not wanting to ruin her thoughts I kept mine to myself...

I finally got up and crawled up the 3 stairs to the porch..holding my leg and telling them to go to church. Carter was screaming in the background , dog was pouncing all over me and Olivia was talking a million miles a minute. I could not gather my thoughts...Should I go to the ER? Should I give it till morning? Would the pain settle down!? The chaos around me was out of control and that my folks led me to the ER...Yes, I needed to go there but more then anything at the exact moment I need a "Break"...I called my mom ( good thing she lives 3 blocks away!) to come and watch the kids for us. Within 10 minutes she was there.

On our way to the ER I had Jer stop a the store to get me a drink...nope, not a Mikes hard ice-tea ( I really wanted a drink!) but a boring plain pop. We arrived and got checked in and 3 hours later we were in the room waiting for x-rays. During our little " date" we had the privilege of sharing a room with a few, don't get me wrong..I love everyone! We did talk to these people but you could tell they were there for drugs. It was kinda sad and not very funny a few times.It was sad to think they lived everyday of their lives to get drugs and more drugs. I could see how their story was changing and how story after story was bigger then the next. Over hearing them talk about their precious baby boy brought tears to my eyes. My heart was heavy, the thought of Christmas coming and how cold it will be for this child when he is drug from one house to the next so these people could score dope. I listened as they talked about the babysitter he was with was not good and they did not trust her to care for him. How when they got home they would be at Walmart buying him something. Oh, my heart was breaking and some how my ankle was not important anymore. It hurt and it was throbbing but not they way my heart was breaking. I could not help but ponder why Jesus had put me in the room...I began to ask him what he was wanting me to learn. What kind of Divine plan did he have? I could only go back to we are with him 6 months he has become one of us and how he loves it here. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to share in his moments, all the little moments that will lead up to the incrediable story of his life.

The doctor came in and told me that the x-ray was boring...I more then likely messed up all the ligaments in the ankle and may require a follow up with a specialist Doctor. But for now it is swollen, purple and green and hurts!

I was on the phone tonight with a friend and she had made a joke about how Jeremy and I find our dates in the hospital..I couldn't help but think over the last year I had been there over 5 times and 4 have required a stay.

Here is what my best fried sent me..

I'm glad that your foot isn't broken! Not that it's any consolation when you are hurting but at least it's only a few weeks recovery instead of months. We wouldn't have been very fast on Black Friday with you in a cast! :)

You have to love her...always thinking ahead!

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