Tuesday, November 11, 2008


After church on Sunday I went home to put on my pajamas..after a long night on Saturday I was tired! Jenn and I had signed up for a class at Treasury of Memories to make different Christmas crafts..yes, I need a class and step by step instructions along with a friend to help me!

Jenn came over after I had planned to do nothing all day with a big bag of cookie making stuff for the girls. I had to have 2 more cups of coffee before I could get into it..I know, I am a bad mommy for not wanting to make cookies..I was tired!!

The Girls had so much fun and even wore their matching " bakering" outfits as Olivia would say.Olivia loves to wear bakering aprons everyday to help me in the kitchen.

The cookies turned out good...when we let them decorate the cookies each girl went through 3 bottles of sprinkles for 3 cookies! YIKES! The sprinkles where 2 inches thick but Olivia is certain that Santa will like them in exchange for her presents. This Christmas will be very interesting..she is already consumed with presents...looks like I will be reading the story of Christmas to her starting NOW so she can somehow understand the real meaning behind the season.

Olivia is constantly changing her outfits..the Christmas dress was bought at the consignment store only because she wanted to put it on right then and there...she has worn it everyday since!

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