Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday's Thread

A week in review

I'm thankful for....That we are together as a family today. Please read last post :)

I'm listening to.....
The Franklin themes song..the humming of my dishwasher ( I am THANKFUL for that appliance! Could you imagine not having one with 6 people eating and drinking all day!?

In the oven...
It will be sweet potatoes for the first Time...Going to my Mom Timmers for excited..she is an amazing hostess and cook.

What's for dinner tonight....way to many calories! The average Thanksgiving plate has 4,600 calories on it! OUCH!

What I'm looking forward to...Shopping and shopping with my best friend Jenn!

What's happening this week....

Nothing to exciting...Christmas lights are going up and a doctors appt! I swear every week I have an appointment!

I am missing...

The same boy scout shirt and the same 20.00 bucks!

What am I not missing... the 47 pounds I lost over the Last year!

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